Ich weiß nicht weiter
I cannot move on
Meine Gedanken drehen sich im Kreis
My thoughts are going around in circles
Ich stecke in einer Sackgasse
I reached an impasse
Ich muss meine Gedanken mal ordnen
I have to get my thoughts in order
Es fühlt sich nicht richtig an
It does not feel right
Ich vermisse die Leichtigkeit
I miss the feeling of lightness
Ich habe niemanden, mit dem ich reden kann
I can not talk to anyone

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Person Centered Counseling by Carl Rogers

In Person Centered Counseling, it is assumed that the person carries the solution to its problems within him or herself. No solution is imposed on the client worked out on the basis of a fixed scheme. Together with the counselor, the client looks for the solution that most closely corresponds to his or her nature. Various techniques can be used here.

The person is recognized and accepted in its entire personality with all the manifold experiences. Empathy and unconditional esteem are shown to him or her – nothing is criticized and nothing is judged. Only in this way can man grow and mature. This applies to personal as well as professional life.

About me

I offer my clients to find their own way and to be their empathic and value-free companion in doing so. Beeing really seen and heard makes a huge change!