Ich weiß nicht weiter
I cannot move on
Meine Gedanken drehen sich im Kreis
My thoughts are going around in circles
Ich stecke in einer Sackgasse
I reached an impasse
Ich muss meine Gedanken mal ordnen
I have to get my thoughts in order
Es fühlt sich nicht richtig an
It does not feel right
Ich vermisse die Leichtigkeit
I miss the feeling of lightness
Ich habe niemanden, mit dem ich reden kann
I can not talk to anyone

Coaching on request also per Skype or Microsoft Teams
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Business Coaching

There are situations when you feel that you have reached your limits and can’t develop any further. Sometimes we just feel uneasy at our work and long for a change. But despite all efforts and musings during sleepless nights you don’t find the reasons behind your discomfort. Or you don’t have the courage to initiate a change. This is where I offer you an objective view from the outside that clarifies where the challenges are and how to overcome them.

We specifically take a look at your latent potential and opportunities and how you can use them. You will be surprised to discover what new ideas you can create if you talk to an empathic and neutral listener that accompanies you on that exciting path.

Life Coaching

Sometimes it is all just too much: your personal circumstances are changing; you feel like you are in a vicious circle, life is suddenly getting so complicated…
It might be a personal upheaval you have to deal with: a new job and colleagues, problems with your partner, children, friends, or you are simply dissatisfied and don’t know why.

The longing for leading a happy and fulfilled life deeply roots in us. It is proved unsatisfactory if we always “function” but do not listen to ourselves.

Together we take a look at your personal circumstances and find opportunities to make your life worthwhile again.


On request, I also offer seminars that are tailored to the individual needs of your company:

  • From specialist to manager
  • Time Management
  • The Settings Interview
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Dealing with trainees
  • Career re-entry for women

About me

I offer my clients to find their own way and to be their empathic and value-free companion in doing so. Beeing really seen and heard makes a huge change!